May 15, 2018

ixigo introduced all-new brand campaign that attracts people to take a break from their TV screens and travel. The campaign will feature off-screen friend duo - Gaurav Kapur and Cyrus Sahukar, who humorously debate over their love for cricket and travel. The ad series also includes quirky lines that tie in to the campaign theme of “Koi Match Dekhega, Koi Duniya.” Commenting on the campaign launch & agency onboarding, ixigo CEO & Co-Founder, Aloke Bajpai said - “The campaign is directed towards creating brand awareness amongst travellers, enabling us to provide a larger customer base with the best travel planning solutions. We are looking forward to engaging with a broader audience, who will witness wanderlust Cyrus encourage cricket-lover Gaurav to ditch the couch and plan his next trip. We are happy to be associating with Lowe Lintas and both these talented actors to launch this campaign.” Lowe Lintas COO, Naveen Gaur says “We have used a short format film approach to inspire people to travel and showcase the seamless travel planning experience that ixigo offers.”


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