April 17, 2018

The Cruise Ships are witnessing now a huge demand for destination weddings and MICE events so this trend is growing each year and the numbers are likely to increase in the future in a report by Irene Susan Eapen

Destination weddings are becoming popular nowadays in cruise ships as people are looking for newer options
in terms of destinations and can accommodate more people in cruise ships with a range of entertainment
and activities like rock climbing, skydiving simulation, surf simulation, and other activities available onboard.

Cruise Ships are a platform for organizing events like a wedding, conferences or a sales incentive program.
Besides that multiple events are also hosted like destination birthdays, anniversaries and pre-wedding gatherings.

This concept has been growing with the number of destination weddings and MICE events conducted onboard,
and is expected to see an optimistic growth over the years.

Promoting the cruise ships to be the next big events destination

Ian Director, Global Anchor Cruises states, “We have witnessed a growing trend in guests asking for celebrating events onboard a cruise ship and various popular cruise port options been picked on. Families approach us with a destination in their mind and the event they are planning, undoubtedly it takes a lot to confirm the final option considering the range of options cruises have to offer. Various promotions and offers are announced for events on cruise as they are packed with so many perks and benefits together with international cuisine and activities it has so much to offer for everyone on cruises making it a perfect blend of vacations and celebrations which are stress free and very enjoyable."

Ratna Chadha, CEO, TIRUN Travel Marketing, India Representative of Royal Caribbean International says, “Cruising as a concept adapts to events of all varieties. The cruise travel offers businesses and other groups an access to world-class cuisine and a voyage to renowned international destinations along with eclectic entertainment and recreational offerings that are available onboard. Plus, our venues are included in the evaluated cost, so technically there are no extra charges experienced a majority of times.”

“These venues are diverse in terms of capacity as well as their end-use as they can host from 10 to 1,400 people for various instances such as award functions, conferences, as well as cocktail and dinner events. Such events also feature unrivaled team building activities through our tailored rock climbing, skydiving simulation, surf simulation, and other activities available onboard. The readiness with which our target audience now approaches us is a clear sign that this trend is going to become a widely accepted phenomenon in the near future” she added.

Weddings and MICE events

Ian explains, “The MICE and wedding events on cruise ships have been growing majorly in the Travel Industry. We noticed a lot of queries for MICE and Weddings. The cruise ships are considered to be one of the best options with the multiple venues for wedding and any annual event can be organized like conferences or a sales incentive programs.

Ratna says, "We have already organized two cruise wedding events in 2008 and in 2017. We also have an event coming up in the month of May for this year and have also seen a growth of 150 percent on year on year for events."


Ian says," We have been organizing multiple events on a cruise ship like birthdays, anniversaries, renewal of vows, and special celebrations. We are also looking forward in organizing more of these kind of events in the coming year the clients find it more convenient as the cruise ships hosts the different venues to celebrate occasions and various activities for entertainment. “

In the opinion of Ratna,"An upcoming segment in 2018 is that of celebratory groups, where we are going to introduce destination birthdays and anniversary parties in addition to pre-wedding gatherings and wedding ceremonies. We have organized multiple MICE events that ranged from full-ship charters to group events that had as much as 1,200 participants."

Promotional Plans

Ian says, “We have already started the marketing strategies for organizing any special events and have started connecting with people and giving them the idea of how a wedding on a cruise ship is much more luxurious and hassle free. We have launched a pre-wedding cruise option with our brand Aqua Expedition an Ultra Luxury cruise line operating in the Amazon and the Mekong Rivers.”


Ian explains, “Destination Weddings have been very popular as people always look up to new options which are more unique and offering world class hospitality. Cruise Weddings have gained much popularity recently. Considering the destinations cruise have to offer along with comfort and ease of planning a wedding with the different venues onboard. The mindset of the travellers have grown global and people are keener on having events offering them comfortable and contained environment.”

Ratna says “Multi-generational travelling and group travelling with friends and family have been growing on a year-to-year basis. As the business environment in India continues to improve and increase collaborations throughout the market, we are also witnessing a considerable growth in demand for MICE events.”


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