August 31, 2017

In a chat with Voyager's World, Mazhar Nadiadwala, Managing Director, Dome @ NSCI, highlights the technical and capacity features of the premium event venue.

The Dome @ NSCI is a noted sports, leisure and entertainment destination with as many as 50 activities taking place under one roof. Says Mazhar, “Dome is one-of-its-kind as a venue. You must have been to different venues across India but this one is
completely based on international standards. It is at a premium location with a premium tag, due to the kind of events we organize. If you compare it to the rest of India, you will see the difference because the quality and the amenities and the capacity that we have, in terms of both technical and physical capacities, which is what makes our venue a step ahead.”

Meeting sizes
"As we host different kinds of events, we have different group sizes based on 360 degree facilities, be it exhibitions, sports, table tennis tournaments at an international level, edm festivals, concerts, social functions, etc. We have a crowd capacity of 9000-10,000 for an EDM festival EDM festival and we can host a seated show for concerts with lesser capacities such as a Sufi concert. As far as exhibitions are concerned, there is always a floating crowd as attendees are not all there at one point of time. We can hold up to 20,000 footfalls during exhibitions. Different clients want different levels of comfort and facilities. Our venue boasts of connectivity to South Mumbai, the suburbs and the city centre. We have the best of facilities here, right from high roof to load bearing ceiling and hence they have capacities of multiple tones to hang the lights and sound equipment. There is an open floor that can be converted as per the client’s requirement. We have done some breakthroughs in the entertainment industry. There has never been a Broadway show in India and we opened it with the ‘Beauty and the Beast' show."

"We specialize only in one event at any given point in time. We are not a convention hall. We prefer doing larger-than-life events. Our venue space has a height of 50 – 55 feet which you may not get in a convention centre. Premium events like the Filmfare and award functions take place here. We have used the best of Indian expertise in creating the structure which is very much on par with international arenas."

"We are still upgrading our venue and are also looking at expanding in multiple venues," he signed off.


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