September 13, 2017

The FCM Travel Solutions India has released a global survey on Bleisure Travel that sees an increasing number of professionals in India who are now extending their trips for leisure.

The Bleisure travel also adds to a recent employee perk in India with 65.5 % of respondents says an employer can add leisure travel onto business trip. Bleisure is an upcoming trend across the world with 27.6% of the Indian respondents stating that they cannot combine personal travel with their business trips, which is now increasing among all countries.

Some of the findings states that the business travellers spending patterns and behaviour predicts a new trend, the recent survey says that 14% of business travellers on an average take more than 21 business trips in a year. The age group of 35 year old professionals are now experiencing a more relaxed work-lifestyle to conclude “35 is the new 25”. The survey also states 22% of respondents prefer to travel on their own while on work visits; 50% of female respondents have travelled on their own as compared to 16% male respondents. The CXOs who took survey have reported traveling for at least 11 business trips in the past 12 months.


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