December 02, 2017

TripAdvisor®  announced the second edition of its annual 2017 India Gastronomy Survey at a ceremony held to celebrate the winners of Travellers' Choice® awards for the best fine dining restaurants in India. The survey was conducted with an aim to uncover key habits and preferences of Indians with respect to dinning out, and how much food influences holiday planning.

India is a gastronomical paradise with its wide array of cuisines and it is said that there is no better way to experience Indian culture than throughfood. The findings from the 2017 India Gastronomic Survey underscore the importance of food on holiday and that Indians are only set to become even more thoughtful about the foodie experiences they have whether they are travelling domestically or overseas,”said Nikhil Ganju, Country Manager, TripAdvisor India.

Findings from the survey reveal that while Indians frequent restaurants often (35% ‘one to two’ times per month and 33% once per week) but it’s even more on top of mind while travelling – 48% said dining out and restaurant selection is important to their overall trip experience.

  • 74% have either planned or intend to plan a gastronomic getaway soon to a destination specifically ‘to try the food it is famous’ for and 71% have plans to visit a ‘particular restaurant’.
  • 60% of Indians intend to plan a gastronomic get away in 2018.
  • Goa (49%), Kerala (35%) and Lucknow (33%) voted the top domestic destinations Indians would love to visit specifically for their cuisine.
  • Italy (90%), Thailand (34%)andFrance (26%) are the top international destinations.
  • Key influencers –44% acknowledgedthat awards play an important role in their restaurant selection process and32%have visited a restaurant because of its celebrity chef                                                                                                                          
  • ‘Fine Dining’ is reserved for special occasionswith 31% visiting fine dining restaurants only ‘once’ every two to three months and 26% only once or twice in a year.71% said they turn to ‘online reviews’ to seek recommendations on which fine dining restaurants to eat at.
  • Top reasons by the voters for eating at a fine dining establishment are: celebrating a special occasion (72%) followed byenjoying theoverall experience (70%) and enjoying eating great food (69%).
  • Extremely professional behaviour’ (73%) and ‘providing a special experience’ right from presentation of the food to cutlery used (71%)are the top two expectations from a fine dining restaurant.
  • Sweet tooth prevails! Almost half (46%) respondents revealed they love to indulge in a decadent dessert when eating at a fine dining restaurant
  • Indian is a clear favourite, followed by Italian when it comes to choosing cuisine and majority respondents (58%) order three courses while eating at a fine dining restaurant.
  • While the trend of reserving a table prior to visiting a restaurant is catching up, survey results show Indians are still last minute bookers with 63%making the reservation on the ‘same day’.
  • Considering the ease that ‘table reservation apps’ offer - 39% claim to have used an online table reservation app at least once. However, this number is set to increase with 62% revealing they will be using an online table reservation app in the next one year.

Top reasons for the uptake of these apps are:

  • The convenience of booking a table ‘on the go’ at the restaurant ofone’s choice (65%)
  • Offers great savings as well as the surety of a table being reserved at the restaurant upon reaching (46%)
  • Saves time (45%)


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