October 06, 2017

The Government of Uttar Pradesh, along with the Indo-Nagasaki- Kyushu business delegation, led by the Eighteenth Bank, held a meet at Delhi on 18 September 2017 to enhance the possible collaboration in space of trade, commerce, industry and culture as a core initiative of ‘Nagasaki Breakthrough’. This programme is a joint initiative of Infallible Travel Concepts Pvt Ltd (I Travel) with Silver Peak Japan (SPJ) in association with Indo-Nagasaki- Kyushu Business Centre (INKYU-B) and Nagasaki Breakthrough.

While both the Governments are making substantial efforts to build cooperation between two of the global emerging powers
through various public- private initiatives, Infallible Travel Concepts Pvt Ltd is committed to build a strong connect
between people to people through its unique and innovative 'i-Travel 2 Japan' programme. This is the first such effort
through the true exchange of best practices and culture between these two countries, which will impact the general lives at
micro level.

The programme enables young academia to undergo two weeks of cultural training from the best of universities based out of
Japan to understand the importance of etiquette and value system in life. This programme not only enable these young academia to transform them into a true global citizen for tomorrow but also helps to understand the value of discipline in personal life to a social circle, which is much needed for India to progress further.

One of the most critical attributes of Japanese culture is of mindfulness about others. ‘Live and Let live' is prominently
visible in their public life, which not only builds the harmony but also it enhances the cooperation among people resulting
quality productivity from individuals. On the flip side, these students will be the true ambassadors for the future to build awareness about Japan as a wholesome destination to visit, work and live.

The website www.itravel2japan.com was launched to facilitate this unique initiative.


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