November 25, 2017

IDS Next Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd integrated its hotel property management system (PMS) with Maximojo’s channel manager platform.

This integration would assist mutual clients of both IDS Next and Maximojo to extract real-time inventory related data from the hotel property management system in order to push the same to connected OTAs via Maximojo’s channel manager platform.

“This integration ensures a real-time two-way connectivity between our hotel PMS and Maximojo channel manager platform. Thus, it helps our clients to manage the flow of inventory to multiple OTAs via Maximojo’s platform. Similarly, this integration enables Maximojo channel management solution to transfer bookings from OTAs to the hotel PMS,” said Binu Mathews, Chief Executive Officer at IDS Next.

Currently, IDS Next’s hotel PMS is in use at over 4300 hotels across the globe. IDS Next’s clients using Maximojo’s channel manager platform can now leverage this integration to ensure automatic distribution of room availability on multiple OTAs. This integration will help hotels reduce their manual effort and save time which they spend in updating multiple OTA extranets. It also efficiently assists hotels to do away with errors related to bookings and cancellations.


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