October 03, 2013

Today, when hotels face extreme competition, right technology adoption can enable them to stay ahead of their competitions in the long run. And technology implementation becomes inevitable when a hotel group is on a rapid expansion mode. It is mostly because of the fact that a hotel or hotel group needs to have all required technology platforms to streamline and automate all its operational aspects. So that it can free up its personnel from mundane tasks and engage them with guests to serve them better and witness enhanced guest satisfaction which is core to its success.

Here is an example on how Lords Hotels & Resorts witnessed a higher guest satisfaction by increasing its employee productivity and operational efficiency across its 19 properties by implementing IDS NEXT Software.

Lords Hotels & Resorts has 3 and 4 star properties in India. Besides hotels and resorts, their properties include plazas, inns and eco-inns. Lords Hotels & Resorts had to face several challenges related to front office and back office management when the group embarked on an expansion spree. To tackle such operational bottlenecks, the group was looking for a smart property management system.

The search ended in 2004 with IDS NEXT Software that was robust and scalable and well tried and tested in the industry. IDS NEXT did a detailed case study about the unique requirements of the group before offering a solution. Nine years later, 19 properties of Lords Hotels & Resorts spread across India are using IDS NEXT Software and are reaping maximum benefit out of it.

IDS NEXT Software helped the group in following aspects of its operations:

During last nine years, 19 properties of the chain have seen tremendous result by using IDS NEXT’s Enterprise, Professional and Express versions of the ERP.

“Over the last nine years, all our hotel properties have consistently used IDS NEXT Software as they have helped us simplify operations in both front office and accounts & finance. Their software is user-friendly and has helped us retain customers with the guest history feature,” says Rishi Puri (pictured above), Associate Vice President, Operations, Lords Hotels & Resorts.

With IDS NEXT Software, the group successfully managed to automate operations across departments. It also efficiently optimized the usage of manpower.

IDS NEXT software also assisted the group in its sales and marketing activities in a great way.

With IDS NEXT software’s guest history option, the group was able to understand its guest better. Thus the group managed to serve its guests better across all the properties and retain their loyalty.

Additionally, the group was also able to plan and organize its revenue strategy to optimize profit in all the departments across properties.


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