August 03, 2017
 Indian Start-Up Ecosystem, IITM

Bangalore, 03 August, 2017:In an attempt to nurture the Indian Start-Up Ecosystem, IITM announced the launch of Startups Pavilion, an exclusive platform for startup companies embodying fresh, innovative ideas. Startups are encouraged to participate and get featured at India International Travel Mart Mumbai in September 2017.

Startups Pavilion is a new feature at the India International Travel Mart, which is the industry’s most widely-attended exhibition of India. Now in its 18th year, IITM draws more than 1500 participants in India every year. Startup companies participating in Startups Pavilion will be given a standard or customized stall in the exhibition to display their services as well as a featured presentation slot to share their vision and direction with exhibition attendees.

Indian start-up landscape is very vibrant as seen by the number of companies founded. With a large young and aspirational population India is today undergoing a fundamental shift towards startup friendly policies and a business friendly environment. For startups in India, past few years have proved to be the years for consolidation and transition, where entrepreneurial mindset metamorphosed from a gold rush-like mentality into an ecosystem where preference is being given to quality over quantity. The spectrum of innovation by startups expanded across many verticals of the Indian economy. Over the years, Indian startups have experienced numerous moments that made this ecosystem vibrant and tested its inhabitants for survival.

Sharing his Idea and vision behind the incorporation of Startup Pavilion in IITM, Mr Rohit Hangal, Director of Sphere Travelmedia & Exhibitions said “The impact of startups has been significant in all walks of life. In recent years, India has emerged as one of the top countries globally in terms of the number of startups founded. With a vision to realize India’s transition from a developing to a developed nation, there is an urgent need to empower our Start-ups to grow at an accelerated pace, so that they become an effective instrument for making this transformation fast and seamless.”

Mr. Sanjay Haku, Director of Sphere Travelmedia & exhibitions said “The purpose of the pavilion is to bring every entrepreneur of the Indian Startup Diaspora on a single platform and help to provide them all support they need. To help them access the Indian market, connect with possible investors, share and promote innovative ideas and grow more new businesses.”
IITM’s Startup Pavilion will help the entrepreneurs to access prominent delegates from national and international platforms. This will also provide them a platform to showcase and promote their products and services as well as give them major branding opportunities and huge media exposure.

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