December 15, 2017

The 10th World Potato Congress (WPC) and the 28th Latin American Potato Association (ALAP) Congress will come together in the historic city of Cusco, Peru, and will be celebrated together from 27th -31st May 2018.

This event will showcase the Andean origins of the most beloved vegetable of all – the potato, and will bring together industry players from across the globe to discuss the issues related to it.

The World Potato Congress Inc. is dedicated to supporting the global growth and development of the potato and the guiding principle of this conference is "Biodiversity, Food Security and Business." This congress will bring together the wide potato industry represented by both developing and developed countries and facilitate access to useful and applicable information. The importance of this event globally means that even Indian authorities are looking to partake in the congress to be held in May 2018. Today, India ranks as the world's third largest potato producing nation, with production in 2017 of around 47 million tonnes, according to the National Horticulture Board. The ‘aloo’ is not primarily a rural staple but a cash crop that provides significant income for farmers: as per the state data, the production in Uttar Pradesh alone is totaled to be approximately 15 million tonnes this year.

On this occasion, Luis Cabello, Commercial Counsellor of Peru in India added, “Many scientists agree that the origin of potato (Solanum tuberosum) lies in Peru. Ancient Peruvian civilizations cultivated this tuber which later spread to the rest of the world, and became the fourth most important crop in the world, second only to corn, rice and sugarcane, when speaking of human consumption. More than a billion people worldwide eat potato and global production of this vegetable exceeds 300 million metric tons. Thus, there can´t be a more befitting place than Peru to hold these two congresses, in the same country where lies its roots. I take this opportunity to extend an invitation to all those interested to come be a part of this great international congress.”

The World Potato Congress Inc. is a non-profit organization supported by a group of volunteer directors representing potato jurisdictions around the world. Congress events are hosted in partnership with local host committees and it is the amalgamation of business and culture that makes this event worth the experience. The 10th World Potato Congress is expected to attract more than 800 potato scientists and industry representatives from around the world. Ultimately, The World Potato Congress results in a network of common interest, ‘a global potato family with all the interests and practical concerns inherent in such a diverse group.

It is the first time this triennial event is held in Latin America. The 2018 congress will be held in tandem with the 28th Congress of the Latin America Potato Association, ALAP. This will be an excellent opportunity for delegates of both events to learn from and share with one another.



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