April 24, 2017
Goût de/Good France 2017

The world celebrates the excellence of French cuisine with Gout De France organised by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Development (MAEDI) in collaboration with Alain Ducasse.

French cuisine carries a unique identity of being modern and traditional at the same time. Goût de/Good France is a celebration of all that French cuisine stands for. The third edition of Goût de/ Good France celebrated French gastronomy on March 21. A total of 2,000 chefs from five continents participated in the event. Food was served simultaneously in participating restaurants giving food enthusiasts a unique opportunity to savour French food and at the same time it created a fertile ground for stimulating discussions about French cuisine. People all over the world will have a unique opportunity to eat the same menu, the same night. The first edition of this international French culinary fest, took place on March 19, 2015, celebrating its inscription to UNESCO's list of "Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity”. The first edition of the event witnessed a participation of over 1000 restaurants. The event has witnessed phenomenal growth since then. This initiative launched by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development in collaboration with the celebrated Michelin-star chef Alain Ducasse, seeks to bring more recognition to French cuisine and greater visibility to France as a tourist destination.

However, the backdrop of this novel idea is quite old. In 1912, more than a century ago- a Famous French chef, the celebrated chef, Georges Auguste Escoffier - created what was called Epicurean dinners or Les Dîners d’Épicure: one day, one menu, served in cities around the world, to as many guests as possible. Goût de/Good France aimed to recreate this idea by summoning all kinds of restaurants across the globe to come together and serve French food.

Goût de/Good France’s objectives are twofold- to promote French cuisine, to carry colours of the French cuisine with pride. According to Consulat général de France à Bangalore, Mr. François Gautier, “The idea is to promote France as a touristic destination. We are quite proud, because France is still the top tourist destination in the world. We compete with London for the title of most visited city in the world. In term of visitors, France has seen more than 83 million foreign visitors last year not to forget inbound visitors. France also remains the favourite destination for French people as well.” It also aims to send a strong message to the world, through dynamic and creative chefs. French cuisine is both traditional and contemporary. Traditional French cuisine is not a dominion of the 21st century culinary scene. Participating chefs were also encouraged to blend their own culinary culture to that of France, rather than discounting it. French cuisine is an embodiment of excellence. It is healthy, innovative, and responsible. In addition to representing the heartiness associated with the pleasures of eating a wholesome meal, food is also symbolic of France’s positive values.


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