November 29, 2017
Chhattrapal, Rajasthan Tourism officer receiving the award of 'Favourite Leisure Destination in India' from Divya Thani.

With the presence of many celebrities and other special guests from Travel & Trade, Conde Nast Traveller held a ceremony at Aerocity, New Delhi, wherein Divya Thani, the Editor-in-Chief of the magazine gave away the runner-up award to Chhattrapal, officer of Rajasthan Tourism officer of Rajasthan Tourist Information Centre, New Delhi.

On this occasion Thani said that it’s well known all over the world as the beautiful Venice city in the east, Udaipur, also known as the city of lakes, every year attracts tourists from different parts of the world for vacation.

Besides being the Favourite Leisure Destination for tourists , Udaipur also serves as the Favourite Wedding Destination for them. It is to be noted that , few days back Udaipur was awarded the ‘Best Wedding Destination’ as well .


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