December 01, 2017

A delegation of 11 CEOs embarked upon their first California tourism CEO mission to India in November. Led by Caroline Beteta, Visit California President & CEO, the mission began on 13 November in Mumbai with meetings and events with key tourism and film industry officials before moving to New Delhi where it concluded with a press conference and media interviews.

“We are very excited for the opportunity that the India market presents for travel to California and see this mission as an important step in introducing California to Indian travellers,” said Caroline Beteta, Visit California President & CEO. “This visit will provide critical learning on how we can best prepare our state to welcome Indian visitors as the market continues to grow.”

California commands 27.5% of the market share from the Indian outbound travel market to the USA, accounting for 319,000 visitors who spent $706 million in 2016 in the Golden State. Visit California opened an India office in 2010 and has invested more than $3 million in the years since, focusing on educational travel trade and public relations activities. In the 2017/2018 fiscal year, Visit California increased its $500,000 investment to $800,000, with new tactics to reach the consumer directly through social media and a Brand USA media co-op.


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