May 16, 2018

Rishabh Beria, Co-Founder, AirWhizz App says we have over 60,000 users who use the app, 75% of our users are from India we also have users outside India. We are expecting our user base to hit 200,000 within 2018.

AirWhizz App

Being a part of the aviation industry for a long time we have noticed the problems faced by passengers regularly to get simple information, like flight status and baggage allowance or to book important services like travel insurance, visa, forex, the passenger needs to visit 18 websites on an average.The passenger not only suffers from information overload but also doesn’t always find the best possible option.

The AirWhizz App was launched as a platform for passengers to find all information and services during their travel. The app was launched in June 2017 on both iOS and Android platforms. Some of the main features of the app includes in gathering relevant information and services based on the user’s flight. The first version of the app was designed to provide information to passengers and to understand their needs. From the learnings, we are now working on the next release of the app which is completely intuitive and smart. A host of services with industry leaders in the travel sphere will be accessible on the platform. Presently we have over 60,000 users who use the app. 75% of our users are from India presently but we also have users outside India also who are actively using the app. We are expecting our user base to hit 200,000 within 2018.

This is a global app and encompasses information of all airports and flights across the world. We also have services for domestic as well as international passengers. The app has information on all airports, airlines, flights across the globe. Our focus on services is presently on Indian travellers who fly domestic and international. We are in final stage talks with several international travel service providers as well and will expand globally by 2019.

Marketing Plans

We are looking at digital marketing, social media and promotional events at various airports as the main channels for spreading awareness about the platform.

Kind of travellers

The app is used by both business and leisure travellers. We also have a loyal user base of frequent flyers. The users are particularly excited about the ease of use and curation of information and services for their trip. AirWhizz is a platform for not just airlines but also airports and travel service providers to showcase their services to flyers at the precise moment when it is needed. This will help boost ancillary revenues for all players in the industry and help them reach the niche audience for their services.

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