December 18, 2017

Sefi Donner, CEO, Sports Events 365, reveals trends in sports that are shaped by Indian sports fans who love travelling to see matches in an interview with Irene Susan Eapen.

Indian market

Sports tourism is a rapidly growing segment with tourists travelling for big spectator events like the World Cup, Olympics, marathons, etc.

We just operate in the secondary ticket market as we have travelers who like to have everything planned well before the trip, while many times the tickets are released for sale at the very last minute. Usually travelers are willing to pay a little extra for the service if it is done with a higher standard, in their own language and currency. On the other hand the clubs find that we offer a steady service, and they understand they can’t fill their stadiums only with locals, and that they should expand their offering to tourists and travelers.

Sports Events 365 sourced a few hundred tickets based on orders from India, in the last 12 months. India’s development companies are highly involved in the travel technology industry, enabling Sports Events 365, who has a complete set of web services and to expand. Many of these travel technology companies are based in India, but market their services around the world, therefore, the traveler from India is not the only one to benefit from this activity. We have a database of around 60,000 yearly events and 2018 will belong to the World Cup in Russia.

We also see first signs of improvement that has to do with the changes in travel policies, treatment of the INR and visas, still India’s tourism is highly based on domestic travel, and when people travel outside of India, it will be mainly to destinations around Asia. Most of our markets are found in Europe and North America. Sports Events 365 database and tickets will be featured shortly in some of India’s most notable OTAs. We hope this will increase the exposure in 2018.

India as a potential market as compared to the other markets for sports tourism .India is still very focused on domestic tourism. The INR should improve in value and the economy will prosper then we will see more and more Indians traveling to new and far destinations.

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