June 22, 2017

Travello App was developed based on the dynamic shifts in the application of travel reviews and recommendations, says Ryan Hanly, its CEO & Co-Founder in an interview story with Irene Susan Eapen.

Travello App is a platform for travellers to connect, inspire, meet and recommend. Available in every country, it aims to solve the problem for travellers who want to meet other travellers across the world. "We have noticed through our own travels that there was no efficient way to meet other travellers, so we came up with this app concept. We also use your location and interests and display other travellers around you so that you can connect with them. It is a user friendly app which is free to be downloaded on both iPhone and Android," says Ryan Hanly, CEO & Co-Founder of the app. "The future of travel is personalization and we will facilitate this for every traveller. We are also looking forward to connect with the local travel companies so that this will benefit both the travellers and the travel companies. Our app is really helping the tourism industry in a number of ways as the travellers can utilise our platform to get real time recommendations about things to do, things to see and places to stay and eat in a location. The app helps you to connect with a traveller to receive a real time response." Ryan observes a shift away from traditional recommendations in travel. He notes that travellers are not interested in reviews and recommendations from people that have nothing in common with them. They want real time recommendations from like-minded travellers who are actually in the location. "Personalisation is also big. We are doing well using Artificial Intelligence to curate experiences for an individual traveller. The other trend we have seen is the use of mobile technology in the journey."

Main features

Unique features on the app include the 'Explore' tab which shows all the travellers around a person, as well as the local deals and offers. The most popular feature of the app is the free Wi-Fi finder which has over 100,000 free WI-Fi spots. "We will continue to develop a number of features in the app primarily on the feed. We are just introducing video to the feed and are looking to expand our Wi-Fi finder by another 100,000 free Wi-Fi spots. We also have a new design in development to give the app a new look and will be launched soon." Travello App is currently being used in over 180 countries. "We have many Indians using Travello; in fact India experienced our largest regional growth last month. We rely primarily on organic growth where travellers are telling other travellers; this is the best type of marketing we follow," he signed off.

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