December 02, 2017

Samar JS Sodhi, Chief Experience Officer, EagleRider India, says India's diversity has spurred more adventure tours and bike rides among the youth in an interview with Irene Susan Eapen.


Concept of Luxury bike rental 

EagleRider India has a net work which is spread worldwide. We have seen a lot foreign tourists who have booked with us. For example, if a customer wants to go on a 10- day ride and visit three places. We use touring bikes for all our trips and destination is not a limitation for us. We launched the concept of luxury bike rental company with the idea to provide bikes which can be rented without the hassle of owning them where you can take a ride when you like and return it once you are done.

But sometimes the distances from ones home is more than 2000 km, so it is better to rent and ride. We are planning to add a few more locations. The Indian market has seen a huge surge in luxury bike rental which is a good sign for us.


Women solo travellers

We have also had solo women riders who have rented our bikes and we also run something called as EagleRider Academy where we train not only beginners but also conduct advanced riding training. We have trained up to the age of 56 years, the lady now owns a KTM 390 which she rides regularly.


We do participate in various events and promote safe riding, best practices. We also participate in events that are themed around adventure tourism; this actually raises your awareness and also you gain knowledge in terms of the industry. We have witnessed that the growth is a synonym and the trend is moving towards taking on adventure activities. There is also a huge growth of young generations that is tired of the old things and wants to explore more than just visiting the Taj Mahal and the scope is huge.

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