February 27, 2018

Alankar Chandra, Founder & CEO, Wild Voyager, highlights the company's purpose of using expertise to deliver refined wildlife experiences in an interview with Irene Susan Eapen.

Wild Voyager is a team of nature and wildlife photographers who help design exclusive journeys to the wilds in India, Sri Lanka, East Africa and Iceland.

“We began exploring the natural and wildlife terrains in India and globally long before we launched this concept,” says Alankar Chandra, Founder & CEO, Wild Voyager, while talking about the uniqueness of what he
offers. “No two travellers expect the same thing out of a vacation, so it takes a combination of local destination knowledge, best guides in the business and thorough understanding of hospitality to help them design a trip of lifetime.

When you surf the net, you come across many itineraries for a Masai Mara trip, for example, but it takes
expertise and past experience to understand the finer nuances and customizing the trip for every traveller. So we are concentrating only on the limited niche destinations where we can safely call ourselves experts.”


Though it is an early stage for the company, it has experienced an overwhelming response so far. It estimates to grow by over 100% YoY for the next 3-4 years. “We do digital campaigns on Facebook and Google. Besides that, we work with bloggers and influencers for digital marketing. We have also been running activation programmes in key catchment areas of our target groups.”

Wildlife tours

Wild Voyager offers tiger safaris and bird watching tours for wildlife experiences in India. It suggests Kenya and Tanzania for seeing the big cats, birding and other East African mammals; Slovenia for brown bears and Sri Lanka for the leopards and bird watching. For nature lovers, we can customize tours to Iceland, Norway and Finland
for seeing the Northern Lights and the Balkan countries, Thailand and India for landscapes.


“Today’s urban traveller in India has already travelled to Dubai, Singapore and European countries as part of the signature foreign destinations. When we sell an Iceland trip for 10 days, for instance, first time travellers ask us as to why they would want to explore just one country in 10 days when they can see 12 different European countries in 10 days as that package is widely sold and popular in India. However when an experienced traveller talks with us and gets to the depth of the plan, they realize what kind of experience they can get by travelling
around a single country for 10 days.”

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