June 22, 2017

Michael Weiss, Co-Founder, bitemojo App, says it is the first app in the world to offer self-guided food
tours and food discovery experiences in destinations in an interview with Irene Susan Eapen

Bitemojo's Co-Founder Michael Weiss says that the app was developed based on the founders' successful experience with selfguided food experiences in Israel. Its tours include real food tastings from top sellers like restaurants, street food, market stalls, night life, based on commercial agreements we are conducting in every destination. It was launched in September 2016 in Berlin as the first destination and in Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem as well. It will be launched in other destinations like Rome, Barcelona, London, Athens and Slovenia within several weeks. bitemojo currently offers two kinds of modes to taste. Through biteTour experience one buys a tour, downloads it to one's device, and from that point enjoy a tailored experience, the tour, routes, content and food being managed through the app. The second experience is called biteAround, where one buys a number of bites in advance and can just go and bite in each of its biteStops in a completely flexible and on-the-go style. "Our advantage over other existing food experiences is the fact our experience is based on selfexploration, so the traveller is not dependent on a guide or a group; it is also very flexible in terms of availability as you can take the bitemojo experience whenever you want, and of course our tours are affordable to all audiences as they are not at the high-end price of the market, and only cost $25-30 USD.”


Bitemojo is acquiring downloads mostly organically which is a great indicator for the value it provides. By now it has 10,000+ downloads to the different versions we have launched and this number is getting bigger day by day, also based on cooperation it has with the corporate market in all its destinations. Its marketing plans are based on B2C user acquisition, mostly in social channels and by leveraging its growing email list. "We also witness encouraging figures of organic growth and also repeating clients, which are two key indicators for us. Another marketing channel for us is the B2B2C one, where we partner with hotels, airlines, tour operators and local agents, in developing different kind of bitemojo experiences that are tailored to their customers and interests. As our expansion model is currently based on partnering with top local tour companies in each destination, we are open to consider applies from established local food tours companies in India as well." In 2017 it will focus on expansion within Europe, but in 2018 it will continue its expansion to the USA and key destinations in Asia and the Far East.

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