November 22, 2017

Irene Susan Eapen

Nirup V Nair, Director Marketing, V-Twin Holidays, observes the developments on the Indian terrain as motorcycle tours see new dimensions in an interview with Voyager's world.

Motorcycles have kept on as a thrilling way of exploring places by road over the years; the trend of hitting the road on a bike has only evolved itself over the recent years with many bike brands, guided tours and new itineraries spurring the youth to plan short and long trips across the length and breadth of the country, riding solo, with friends and with those from biker groups.

V-Twin Holidays offers Harley Davidson experiences on good biking roads in the country through tours that can be customized for solo, self-guided and group bikers.

Nirup V Nair, its Director Marketing says, “A holiday from a biker’s perspective would evidently mean trying a new route and exploring new places as he would not have to undergo the nightmare of logistics - shipping his bike and international permits; one has to just reach the airport and go on one’s dream holiday. We offer guided motorcycle tours around South India using
Sportsters, Dynas and Fatboys from the Harley Davidson stable. We mainly cover Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Goa through motorcycle tours. We have also organised holiday rides up the East Coast to Orissa.”

Marketing plans

“We would like to focus on the channel that services our niche market while creating and increasing awareness. Social media is our prime choice. Our travellers are mostly a mix of the local HNI and from the Middle East and the UK. We have also had
women riders joining our group with their husbands. We can organise offsite tours and team building tours as we believe there is no comparison to riding together in a group when it comes to building team spirit.

We have participated in all the major bike weeks and rallies and were a part of the recent Adventure Tour Operators Association of India (ATOAI) convention held in Kerala.”

India as a riding destination is gaining increasing acceptance as a result of the growth in infrastructure for motorcycle trips and availability of such bikes.

Presently, this segment is in a nascent stage in India from the perspective of it being an international destination, but Nirup sees it as growing rapidly.

“India is in the nascent phase for organized players. We have a few players across the four metros and the North has quite a few offerings for Indian bikes; we expect to see stronger growth in the south with better traffic and roads in general.

The growth herein India is expected to be exponential; our focus would remain strongly on customised tours to bikers and help them connect with the biker community in India.

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