August 21, 2013

Ronnie Sarkar, Senior Vice President, Sales, IDS NEXT Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, talks about the need to strengthen the hotel management education in the best interests of the industry.

Growth and future of hotel management education in India
The future of hotel management education looks quite bright and promising and there are several factors behind it playing big roles. The Government policy aiming to boost the level of technical education is one of the main reasons as hotel management education falls under this category.

Additionally, another main reason is that tourism in India is poised to grow and as per the World Trade Organization, India is set to receive 25 million foreign tourists by 2015. In proportion to this, the country is also gearing up to have more hotels to accommodate the growing number of tourists. It has been observed that many more hotel brands are coming to India to tap the vast market and they will all need skilled manpower who can add value to their operations. This is where exactly the need for quality hotel management education draws attention.

Besides, the good news is that property management system is now a part of the curriculum and hoteliers; the market leaders, especially, want people trained on property management software as they get a ready resource.

IDS NEXT’s contribution to this field
Apart from empowering hospitality industry for 26 years, we are committed towards improving the quality of hospitality management education. That is why, we have provided PMS software license to 80 plus hotel management institutions for free and we have been doing it over last 10 years and plan to keep doing this in the coming years. Thus, IDS NEXT is responsible behind increasing the employability of students graduating from several hotel management colleges. This is because every hotel is keen on recruiting those people who have received extensive training on a widely trusted and used PMS from IDS NEXT.

Eligibility of Indian students for international hotel brands
As per industry estimate, around 95% of personnel working in hotels are from Indian hotel management institutes. In addition to this, the inclusion of mandatory technical education on property management system has added value to their readiness. Senior executives in hotels use technology for taking vital strategic decisions in the dynamic business environment.
So, yes, we can say that big brand hotels operating in India find students graduating from several hotel management colleges suitable as per their niche operational requirements.

Reason for integrating IDS NEXT software in curriculum
Many factors led to this. First, we are the market leader in India with 3000 hotels spread across 450 cities. Secondly, we have 26 years of domain expertise of delivering unmatched technology solutions to the hospitality industry and we have earned the trust of our customers over the period.
As our goal is to empower the hospitality industry, we could not ignore the importance of hotel management institutes that are like breeding grounds for future leaders and that the field is an inextricable part of the whole hospitality ecosystem. So, in 2001 we decided to work towards it and tied up with MS Ramaiah College of Hotel Management. Since then, we have extended our support to over 80 colleges across India. Our estimates suggest that, over 25,000 hotel management students have been trained on our software so far. This apart, our Fortune Suite of property management system is approved by All India Council of Technical Education.

Industry-academia collaboration in education
The need of the hour is graduates with industry readiness and skill. The only way this can be achieved is through collaboration between academia, the hospitality industry and their partners.

The hospitality industry is a 24/7 guest facing operation and this complex operation requires extensive use of technology to ensure high level of guest satisfaction. Hotel management institutes need to train their students on the various aspects of hotel operation and also on key technologies the hotels adopt. With this objective, technology partners of the hospitality industry are working closely with the faculty of hotel management colleges to provide the students with credible ‘work ready’ technology and skills required in a hotel.

To add more value to this, IDS NEXT has started a certification programme for hotel management students getting trained on our Fortune Suite of property management system. The certifications will be provided to students based on their area of specialization. The tests will be conducted by IDS NEXT and certificates will be issued jointly. We are sure that this will provide a credible evaluation of the candidate’s knowledge in the area of property management usage.

This initiative has taken place by constant interaction and feedback between various stakeholders including teachers and students of hotel management institutes, hotel executives and leader of IDS NEXT.

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