December 04, 2017

Rohit Katyal, Director- National Sales, juSTa Hotels & Resorts, reveals expansion plans of the group besides talking about latest industry trends in an interview with Irene Susan Eapen.

Indian Market

We witnessed a fairly good year with some good traffic for the hospitality and travel industry in 2016. We also noticed a prelude to the growth in numbers that we got to see in the first half of 2017. We are confident that the numbers will continue to grow in the coming year.

Presently we have two properties to be launched shortly with a few more properties in the pipeline. Besides our regular profile of travellers , we have also observed that the millennial and the LGBT community are exploring India. This segment of travellers is still in the infancy stage and set to grow in quite a bit.

Some of the trends we have seen are that the spending power of the famed working class is increasing especially with the changes in relaxations in policies as well as access through technology as people are travelling more within the country and internationally.

Now that the era of off and peak season is soon diminishing and this is a positive sign for the industry.

Marketing plans

We will continue with our plans of targeted marketing plans distributed amongst the offline and online channels available to us.


Some of the segments we are focusing are on Groups and Series, Weddings, Conferences and OffSites. The Indian hospitality industry is growing with a number of properties coming up every year with an increase in growth year on year.

Do you think the hospitality market will continue to grow over the years?

The Indian hospitality industry has seen an exponential growth in the last decade with the existing chains expanding and new as well as international chains setting their footprints in the country. It can be said with a certain amount of certainty from available data that this growth will stabilize as the space is growing competitive with many stand-alone hotels either aligning themselves with chains or aggregators for better representation and saturation of oversupply creeping in tier 1 & 2
cities. The opportunity is still there in the smaller towns and unique destinations which are being explored and developed.

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