June 22, 2017

Petr Tomek, Co- Founder, Livetouring.com, presents a unique technology that uses videos to highlight
interesting routes to explore in destinations in an interview with Irene Susan Eapen.

Livetouring.com technology utilizes videos to highlight interesting routes and places. Petr Tomek, its Co-Founder says, "We came up with the idea of Livetouring for tourists and travellers through modern technology by inventing and uploading a unique technology of video routes. The videoroutes are made by combining various videos through a map, focusing on the interesting things and the profile." " You can visualise the routes before you venture into the destinations that include interesting attractions there. The platform also gives you prior information on the routes which are not suitable for children or senior citizens. We have a small section of our users who are older and differently abled people who are not able to travel in these routes. Hence, they can virtually view these routes sitting at home." Some of its most viewed videoroutes are Dubai Seaplane Flyover(http://www.livetouring. com/en/track/dubaj-z-letadla ), Drive around Key West Florida (http://www.livetouring.com/en/ track/key-west-florida-usa-videotrasa) and Cruise on the Vltava river in Prague (http://www.livetouring. com/en/track/vylet-na-lodi-prahapodoli-stvanice ). Livetouring.com has recieved a number of orders for videoroutes in Czech Republic and from other countries. Its visitors and tourists can also check into some of its attractive routes in South Asia, Tunisia and Montenegro. It has started selling the videoroutes to various companies who are into cycling, running and other races.

Main markets

Most of its marketing activities are done through online marketing channels like SEO, PPC, Facebook, etc. Some of the recommendations from the users have been very important for us." Its main markets are n Central Europe and Czech Republic. "We are the first company to launch this technology; so far, we have not had any competitors. We have shot more than 100 routes during our first year. At present we have more than 350 routes in 17 countries. However, we have noticed that very few Indians are using the service. We have received a good response after officially launching this platform to the public; so, we have decided to have a new website for the technology in other languages," he ended.

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