October 30, 2017

Nikhil Agarwal, Sommelier & CEO at All Things Nice, talks about the wine culture in India and the demand for luxury spirits from the Indian market.


All Things Nice is a wine, spirits and luxury marketing platform with a great connect for SHNI’S in India. This enables them to communicate, market luxury goods and services, wines and spirits and even financial products to them. The company works closely with brands like Martell Cognac, the Classic Malts of Scotland from Diageo and a range of wines from all over the world who are looking to reach out to their consumer network.

Demand for luxury spirits & wine culture in India

There is a certain bracket of people in India who consume the very best and enjoy ultra luxury, fine wine and spirits. This is a very tiny percentage of people. Then there is the next segment which enjoys luxury wine and spirits. Both the segments specified, see more people enrol into the categories on a yearly basis and they form the bulf demand of luxury wine and spirits in India. What amazes me is the price that people are willing to pay. This price is far more than the price someone would pay in any other country which gives you an idea of just how wealthy this group is. They drink Champagne, Cru Classe Bordeaux, the best of Italian and top end wines from around the world. In terms of spirits they have moved on from the regular brands you would see in a typical 5 star bar and are looking for something different. More artisanal, more unknown. Japanase whiskies have taken on cult status for example here in India.

Tell us about the experiential events that you organize

All Things Nice puts together hedonistic events bringing together high quality wines or spirits and gourmet food. The events are curated by us and allow our guests to understand and experience these beverages or food and drink pairings like never before. We reach out to a well heeled audience that are sincerely enthusiastic about food and drink. We do wine and malt dinners, tastings and also have original event formats like Twisted Decadence, Submit, the Indian Wine Consumers Choice Awards, Celebrating India’s Finest, Tour de Cognac that we do with Martell, Malt Week that we have partnered with Diageo and more.

Emerging trends

I think more people are drinking more wine and they are taking food and wine pairing more seriously. There is a steady increase in sales of both domestically produced wine and wines from other countries. Artisan gin is very fashionable at the moment. Well crafted cocktails are a rage. Craft beer has boomed in the last few years and I don't see the boom stopping for time to come. Today All Things Nice has added many more verticals. We offer PMS services through our relationship with Alchemy ( one of the partners bieng Rakesh Jhunjhunwala). We work with top end luxury brands including all the major players in the lucury automotive sector. We also have started bespoke food and drink international tours which caters to a very niche audience.


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