November 22, 2017

Irene Susan Eapen

H. E. Alphonsus H.M. Stoelinga, Ambassador of the Netherlands to India, spoke about Indian arrivals, on the occasion of the launch of Jet Airways' Bengaluru - Amsterdam flight in an interview with Voyager's world.

The Ambassador of the Netherlands was in Bangalore recently for the launch of Jet Airways' new flight from Bengaluru - Amsterdam. The flight will commence its services on 29 October, 2017.

The Ambassador spoke about how the boost in flight connectivity is anticipated to contribute to more Indian arrivals to the Netherlands. "We have witnessed a growth of 30% in tourists mostly comprising business travellers and students from 2015 to 2016. The number of visas we issue to Indian citizens is increasing at 25% per year and we have noticed an increase in the number of students. We are the No.3 investing country in India. India is at No. 5 in the Netherlands; with 20% of all your exports entering Europe there is a lot of business going on. Tourism will continue to be a growing segment."

Marketing Plans

We think that the Jet Airways daily nonstop service from Bangalore to Amsterdam launching on the 29 October 2017 will automatically get more tourists to our country. We will have the Indian people coming in big numbers to Europe and the Netherlands, in particular, like in the 1960s and 1970s when the Japanese used to come in numbers as we present Netherlands as a hub.

Types of travellers

We have seen mostly business travellers and students coming from India. From Mumbai we have noticed a lot of business travellers and now I expect more business travellers from Bangalore soon. We get a mix of leisure and business travellers from Delhi. We have witnessed a large percent of our Indian travellers are business travellers. The main sectors that we are promoting include film tourism as there is always a movie lined up with special programmes. We offer movie directors a subsidy of 50% on the cost they incur to make a movie. We also promote MICE movements through Netherlands Convention Bureau.

Main Destinations

Amsterdam is one of the most famous destinations being promoted to the tourists. Delft is another destination like Amsterdam with the same kind of canals. We are trying to promote the smaller cities as well. Amsterdam is known for many tourists and if you would like to visit places with fewer tourists you can definitely visit the smaller cities. Indians usually do a trip to Europe as Netherlands is a part of Europe and they stay for a few days in Netherlands and then they go to Paris.

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