August 08, 2017

Chris Reed, Founder & CEO, SafeTravels, highlights the salient features of the platform that seeks to ease
booking for travel companies in an interview with Irene Susan Eapen.

SafeTravels is a mobile app platform for travel agents and activity providers, mainly for communication and up-selling to
their customers. The app is available on both Android and iOS phones for travel companies in all countries. It is multi-language compatible and available in seven languages. The travel Companies also have advantage of adding their trip content in multiple languages.

Started three and half years ago, the app has evolved quiet significantly over the time, says Chris Reed, its Founder & CEO, while going on talk about its presence. "We have companies in many of the major travel markets using our platform.

Our users are found in over 120 countries." He highlights the main features of the app which include the ability for travel companies to provide all of their detailed trip itinerary and documents to their customers, to communicate with their customers by sending group messages or communicate directly with an individual customer, and up-selling to the customer.

"We also have a number of features that benefit the customer such as destination guides and point-to-point map navigation.
We are trying to make this an easier platform for travel companies, with the ability to schedule personalized alerts, messages and product offers, which they can create in our web dashboard. These will be sent automatically to the customer when
the defined triggers are met. We are always working on new features and these are driven by the feedback from our clients. One of the exciting areas we are working on the moment is the use of machine learning that will automatically select and send the best matched product offer to a customer based on a number of data sources. 99% of engagements by travel companies happen before the customers’ trips commence or 99% of the customers’ experiences happen while they are travelling."

Once the travel agents sell the core products to their customer through flights and hotels, the engagement drops off. According to SkyScanner, customers are booking their flights up to 100 days before they leave on a trip, while 53% of all travel
activities - transfers, day tours, adventure activities, etc.- are made within seven days of the activity taking place.

Promotional Plans

"We released a new version of our mobile app platform in the market in May 2017."

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Indian Market

"We see India as an important market, especially given the growth in both domestic and international travel by Indian travellers. We have also set up our development team in Delhi and foresee India as an important region due to the large number of travel technology companies based there."

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