August 08, 2017

Connecting with like-minded travellers and following recommendations become more interesting with 'stamps' says Tom Cenar, Co-founder, Stamp Travel in an interview with Irene Susan Eapen.

Travellers can connect with friends and like-minded travellers through Stamp Travel, an app that helps one discover locations
based on insight. Users can search locations that they are visiting or plan to visit and see recommendations from people that mean something to them – friends, family and other likeminded travellers. Users of Stamp Travel post their recommendations
(e.g. ‘Stamps’) of cool insight that they discover in their travels along with a photo. It could be a favorite dish at a local hidden gem restaurant, an awesome view of the skyline, or perhaps a cheap way to circumvent tourist traps and get a
better experience.

"Stamps are really anything you would want your friends to know if they were in that location. We are available on both Android and iOS phones," says its Co-Founder Tom Cenar. "We decided to launch this app with a group of friends so that one can easily access recommendations. The app makes it easier to share travel tips; the content is digitalized and accessible
for anyone who is on the app."

This app benefits the tourism industry because it also serves as a reminder to its users that a world exists for them to discover.


The growth of the app has been good over the past year, although it was started with a group of friends, which has now turned out to be a community. Its user base of the community has over 10000 + travellers across 131 countries.

Traveller’s Trends

We have noticed a trend of travellers who like to experience cities like a local during their travel especially with companies like AirBnB, where the travellers are already away from the traditional type of travelling and want a local experience.

Indian users

Stamp Travel has had users from across India like Stamp’d by user Farahpavri from Himachal Pradesh who recommended TSomoriri, Ladakh, Stamp’d by user @ indiaxplorers: Rani Kivav Patan from Gujarat who shares on the UNESCO World Heritage site Patan, Stamp’d by user @designindia on the Bengaluru- Coorg road trip. "We look forward to seeing more Stamps in India and hopefully our team can visit India onsite in the future and experience the beauty ourselves."

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