July 17, 2017

Anju Anna Alex

TheVibe is currently an online video community for seekers and finders of contemporary lifestyle in India with an engagement rate of 7%. It is evolving, young, urban, and is shifting the narrative to authentic experiential story telling.

At TheVibe we don't work with actors in our content, we work with true blue lifestyle pioneers who endorse what their passions are about, be it scuba diving, snowboarding, surfing, kite surfing, slack lining, being an artist or some other taste maker. If you have a certain vibe about you which can inspire a whole dialogue, we capture it. We tend to do our story telling via these people whom we like to call TheVibe Tribe. They are our set of lifestyle pioneers giving hope to an entire aspirational millennial audience and making the whole lifestyle itself accessible rather than alienating. And we do that in our video content in the form of vibe endorsed experiences which young urban Indians who are discerning want more than just regular travel today.

Sailing as a culture
We are reinventing the wheel with all activities and giving them a contemporary twist. Many people in the country don't know what it is to be in sail boat or would have had an opportunity to sail in Luxury yacht. We at Thevibe want to make this accessible and let millennials know that in today's world if something is their vibe, nothing stops them from reaching out and creating opportunities to follow their passions. Be it sailing, scuba diving, surfing, wakeboarding or any other ocean related activity in fact we have identified a whole category which we like to call ocean culture which captures a conscious and evolved tone of understanding and enjoying the ocean.

Millennial trends
Millennials today want anything that is new and different. If it's packaged right in an authentic and credible manner they want it. It has to be both aspirational and accessible. Then there is FOMO - fear of missing out is something that has caught on really fast in recent times among millennials. They are on the quest to try new experiences every time they travel and in particular do something. To break this down you go to an island, and you are bound to go scuba diving / snorkelling or you try some water sports. Once you get hooked to something like diving then, you make that your base community and start taking dive trips to best dive spots in the world. It's similar for people who like trekking trails, cycling, camping, glamping, star gazing, paragliding, motorcycling, or any other lifestyle which binds them to a certain core community. This has become the base trend for millennial travel.

Marketing and promotional plans
We at TheVibe do our marketing via the amazing video content we make and the company culture we have. We are constantly travelling to different parts of the world and taking the contemporary Indian perspective on global curiosities with lifestyle pioneers. Hence we get to meet interesting people and are constantly being introduced to trying something new. Content marketing by itself is a new age trend. Our target audience being mostly millennials lap up the lifestyle we seek / find and show via our content we do it in a credible, authentic, experiential and conscious manner. With respect to promotional activities, we intend to take our rapidly growing online community base of half a million in one year to an offline connect. We are looking forward for more direct presence with a series of event activations of our original content properties and make direct connects in the form of experiences with our audiences. We intend to call this exercise Mahol - which is otherwise, the environment or TheVibe. Here we plan to give a direct fan base to our lifestyle pioneers who we feature in our content and make all contemporary lifestyle touch points more accessible to urban youth of this country.

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