October 30, 2017

Gunjan Indrayan, Director and Co-Founder, Tripoetic Travel Planners, talks about what makes their brand unique and current industry trends.


Tripoetic is a bespoke travel company that specialises in creating tailor-made vacations for its customers and aims to bring together globetrotters from diverse backgrounds that share the love of travel. The company has been established by the husbandwife duo of Gunjan Indrayan and Pranjali Indrayan who are avid travel enthusiasts.


Tripoetic’s philosophy is a simple one, to offer its clients the best travel experience possible! Whatever the destination, however unusual the request, we plan dream luxury holidays for our customers. Our trips don’t come off the shelf, there are no pre-set itineraries. They are personalised down to the finest detail around our clients’ tastes and interests with an absolute commitment to quality. The vacation crafters at Tripoetic have global travel experience. They encourage travellers to see the best sights in a different light, and introduce them to places that others might miss. A couple of our offerings set us apart from other players in the industry. First, every traveller is handed over a customized and detailed sightseeing itinerary before the trip. This means they don’t have to worry about “where, what and how” while on vacation. Second, to ensure a smooth sailing experience throughout the planning and execution phase, a dedicated concierge team is available for the travellers for any advice or guidance before and during the trip.

Destinations on demand

Indian travellers are exploring and experimenting more. Our customers on one hand unquestionably like the charm of eternal Europe, where places like Paris, Switzerland and Prague are still on the top of the list. At the same time, the high-end clients seek to explore new and offbeat destinations like Iceland, Ireland, Russia, South America, South Africa and Bora Bora. New Zealand and Australia are very popular among honeymooners, here they get nature and adventure combined in one package. Asian destinations like Bali, Singapore, Thailand and Maldives are always popular for shorter vacations.

What are the unique customization requests from the contemporary traveller/ latest trends?

Each client has specific requests but one common aspect amongst all is the desire for something ‘different’ and exclusive. Most people are willing to go off-the-beaten path and want us to blend luxury with adventure. They are keen to understand the destination country’s culture, taste local delicacies and stay in unique, high-end boutique hotels rather than the same old ones. Travellers want to sleep under the Northern Lights in an igloo in Finland! Others may want a ‘digital detox,’ which is basically a vacation where you survive without digital connectivity for a few days away from the eyes of the world.

Is the internet killing the business or making room for it to flourish?

In today’s world we find that everything is available on the Internet. For travellers things have become much easier, everything is at click of a button. But at the same time, it brings its own challenges. When researching about a place, there is just too much information on the web for travellers to filter through like blogs, hotel reviews and things to do. So many travellers just give up and go buy the cookie-cutter packages that mostly do not have everything they need. This is where we come in. We give our travellers one of a kind itinerary, suited and made specially for them. When these travellers visit our website, they know they are going to get an exceptional holiday planned for them. We are able to reach out to more travellers who understand our offering and are ready to try something different, through social media channels. So, overall Internet is a definite boon to our business.

Anything else that you would like to add/comment?

We strongly believe that any holiday should be much more than just checking off a list and clicking pictures at the main attractions. In other words - experience and don’t just observe, blend in and don’t stick out. Our idea of handcrafting each itinerary helps in avoiding stereotypes while ensuring we give travellers something unique and beyond their expectations.


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