July 06, 2018

Suchna Hegde Shah, Founder, The Villa Escape says the definition of travel is changing for a lot of Indians
these days and they want to go to unique places and experience activities out of the box in an interview with Irene Susan Eapen.

The Villa Escape focuses on the unique destinations like Tuscany, Iceland, Norway and many more. We customize trips for individuals, families and large groups. We specialize in Northern Lights destinations including Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Besides that we have group trips to Finland during the Northern Lights season.

We have had our last 2 Northern Lights group trips to Finland last March. We are already sold out for our first March trip and have only 4 spots left for our second one. This goes to show that people want to tick destinations off their bucket list. We have around 500-600 clients traveling annually to chase the Northern Lights. We hope to have many more travelers for this year.

Marketing Plans

Most of our marketing is done through digital marketing and words of mouth.We also get references from our past travelers. We have seen a huge number of Indian people travelling annually. Nowadays a lot of young professionals save up and
travel and CEO’s of big organizations travel are definitely a potential source for a huge growth.

Promoting as luxury segment

We promote the experiences at each destination rather than focusing on the luxury segment particularly.


We get a good number of leisure travelers and also cater to all kinds of travelers including individuals, couples, families and big groups.

Age group of travellers and unique locations in luxury travel

The age group of travellers is mostly from 35 years and above. Some of the unique destinations are Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Tuscany, and our latest addition is Israel! We are looking at exploring many more destinations in the future.

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